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Serving Our Community for Over 60 Years

Delta School offers individualized, comprehensive services designed to meet students' educational, social and emotional needs. The program provides a new beginning for a child's education and is designed to encourage life-long learning to prepare students for the challenges of the global economy.

Serving a Comprehensive Age Range

Delta School provides a positive learning experience for students 5 to 21 years of age. The program is designed to meet each student’s needs and teach them strategies to become successful learners. 

Wide Range of Therapeutic Services on Site

Numerous therapeutic services are available at Delta School that enhance student’s learning experiences and produce positive outcomes. Social workers and guidance counselors provide individual and group therapy that addresses family, social, school and work challenges.

Specialized Curriculum with a 5 to 1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Delta School provides a low staff to student ratio in a highly structured, supportive classroom environment. Small classes promote improved academic performance and greater student engagement. 

Extensive Transition Program

Delta’s School to Work Transition Program offers students the opportunity to prepare for the workplace, both on and off campus. Students learn the skills and personal qualities required to perform effectively on a job.

Enrichment and Extended School Year Services Provided

Delta School offers an Extended School Year Program (ESY) to ensure continuity of services. The program is available to Delta students as well as students from other schools who are deemed eligible by their Local Education Agency. To learn more about Delta's ESY service, see our Programs and Services page.


Delta School Celebrates its 66th Anniversary in 2024: For over 60 years, the school program has provided excellence in education for students.  Faculty and staff have taken pride in addressing the needs of the "whole child." Learn More >>

Parent/Teacher Conferences & Training: Nov 16, 2023 - Feb 8, 2024 - Apr 18, 2024 (9:45am-3:30pm)

Extended School Year begins during the first week of July. This six week program runs Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.