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Build confidence and strength of character


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Encourage creativity while improving focus



Assessment and instruction in reading, writing and spelling

Enrichment Programs

Character Education/Anti-Bullying/Social Skills Program

The Delta School curriculum encompasses a comprehensive social skills, character education, anti-bullying, and positive behavior support program. The goal of the program is to help students develop pro-social skills utilized in a variety of settings, and appropriate behavioral strategies and approaches.

Art Program

The Delta School Art program is an essential component of the school curriculum that promotes educational, emotional and social growth. The course of study not only enables students to express themselves creatively, but also improves motor skills, focus, visual learning and self-confidence.

Students are exposed to the fundamentals of art that includes: basic drawing, watercolors, painting, and jewelry making. The course not only focuses on students creating art, but also emphasizes art history and art appreciation.

Reading Center/School-Wide Literacy Program

The Delta School-wide Literacy program emphasizes comprehensive reading instruction for all students. Since the ability to read is vital to functioning in a literate society, reading is taught as a skill, not a subject.

The Delta School Reading Center houses a broad range of materials for both remedial and enrichment instruction. The reading specialist, a certified professional, provides support services, diagnostic assessments, and small-group classroom instruction. The reading specialist utilizes an integrated approach to instruction and assessment that includes reading, writing and spelling.  

Computer-assisted instruction at the Delta School enhances teacher instruction and allows students to use a multi-sensory approach to learning. Computer instruction permits students to learn at their own pace and provides them with immediate feedback. All reading programs are research-based and differentiated in order to instruct a wide range of students.

Through professional in-service development, teachers are taught to provide direct reading instruction using the SRA (Science Research Associates) Corrective Reading Program that provides mastery of essential reading skills. A literature-based program is utilized with students not requiring corrective reading.