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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Delta School is the right school for my child?

Once the Director of Special Education at your child’s current school determines that placement at the Delta School is appropriate, a referral packet can be requested.  After receiving the packet, a meeting is scheduled.  At that time, the student and parent/guardian will learn about Delta’s individualized, comprehensive educational program.

Does Delta School supply transportation to and from school?

Area school districts provide free transportation to students attending the Delta School. Different means of transportation may vary based on the students’ Individualized Education Plan.

How can I monitor my child’s progress?

The Delta School provides a number of tools for parents/guardians to monitor their student’s progress. Students receive daily point sheets and communication sheets, as well as quarterly report cards. Parent/teacher conferences are also available during the school year.

What are my financial responsibilities as a parent/guardian?

The Delta School educational program is free to qualified students.

How do I find out about emergency school closings?

When weather creates dangerous driving conditions, the Delta School will operate on the same schedule as the Philadelphia School District. Information can also be found by listening to radio station KYW-1060 AM for Delta School’s code number, 223.